Unarmed 13-year-old boy shot and seriously wounded by Chicago police after officers stop car wanted for carja - Chicago Sun-Times

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An unarmed 13-year-old lad was changeable and earnestly wounded by Chicago constabulary aft officers stopped a car wanted for a carjacking successful Oak Park a time earlier, according to instrumentality enforcement sources.

The lad was changeable astir 10:15 p.m. Wednesday aft helium jumped from the car and began moving successful the 800 artifact of North Cicero successful Austin, according to a preliminary connection from police. The connection gives nary details of the confrontation, but a root said nary shots were fired astatine the officers and nary limb was recovered.

The lad was taken to Stroger Hospital successful captious but unchangeable condition, according to Fire Department spokesperson Larry Merritt. Sources gave his property arsenic 13.

The operator sped disconnected successful the wanted car, which was aboriginal recovered abandoned successful the 3800 artifact of West Monroe Street astir 2 miles distant adjacent Garfield Park.

The car had been utilized successful a carjacking the time earlier successful Oak Park, according to the authorities successful the occidental suburb. A antheral successful a achromatic look disguise stole a car near moving with a 3-year-old wrong adjacent Lake Street and Oak Park Avenue astir 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, constabulary said.

The kid was recovered unharmed astir 15 minutes aboriginal wrong the car, which had been abandoned successful the 200 artifact of Madison Street, constabulary said.

The carjacker was seen getting into a grey 2008 grey Honda, which was spotted by Chicago constabulary Wednesday night. Officers pulled it implicit and the lad got retired and started running, constabulary said. Authorities person released fewer details astir what happened adjacent oregon what menace the lad posed.

According to vigor traffic, a constabulary chopper picked up the car arsenic it headed southbound connected Independence Boulevard. In the minutes that follow, the chopper aviator and a dispatcher repeatedly inquire whether immoderate officers connected the crushed are pursuing the car, which they accidental is wanted for a carjacking and the kidnapping of a kid successful Oak Park.

“Is anybody down this car? Can we get adjacent to it?” a dispatcher says.

She besides asks whether a sergeant is disposable to show the pursuit.A sergeant checks successful implicit the aerial astir the clip the wanted car stops connected Cicero adjacent Chicago Avenue.

There is immoderate disorder arsenic a 10-1 is called for an serviceman successful request of assistance.A dispatcher astatine archetypal says “shots fired astatine the police,” but past says “shots fired by the police” arsenic officers chased a fishy who got retired of the car.

A constabulary connection issued hours aboriginal makes nary notation of shots fired astatine police, and a instrumentality enforcement root said investigators person mentioned thing aboutofficers being changeable at.

As is routine, the officers progressive volition beryllium spot connected administrative duties for 30 days aft the shooting is investigated by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability.

COPA had nary contiguous comment.

The shooting happened a small implicit a twelvemonth aft a Chicago constabulary serviceman changeable and killed 13-year-old Adam Toledo arsenic helium ran from constabulary successful Little Village and ditched a weapon down a obstruction seconds earlier the serviceman confronted him.

The Cook County state’s attorney’s bureau successful March determined no transgression charges would beryllium filed against the serviceman who opened fire.

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